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Tech | Eufy the RoboVac 30C

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

In partnership with Eufy #gifted

Welcome to our first family-tech feature! In this new section we'll review the latest family-friendly tech, with a focus on useful home-tech and electronic kids' devices. Like the rest of our blog, we'll keep our tech reviews simple and honest.

We're kicking things off with the Eufy RoboVac 30C - it's a Wi-Fi connected robotic vacuum cleaner. Richard's decided RoboVac will become his trusted pet vacuum and has named him Goofy!

Eufy RoboVac 30C

Price: £269.99

Discount code for £80 off: EUFYUK30C

Basic tech specs

  • Works with Wi-Fi

  • Controlled via mobile app (optional)

  • 1500Pa Suction

  • Intelligent BoostIQ™ Technology

  • Includes boundary strips

How well does it work?

We've tested RoboVac 30C over the last seven days. First impressions were very good and set up was easy. We plugged in its charging station (Richard's called it his 'garage') beneath the bookshelves in the living room and clipped on its two rotating brushes. Putting it down on the floor, RoboVac immediately got to work, located its garage and parked up for a charge.

Using its simple mobile app, RoboVac can be scheduled to activate when you're in bed or out at work. Provided you don't leave any socks on the carpet (Daddy made that mistake on the first evening) RoboVac will leave its charging station and clean under no supervision (unlike Lyall and Rich!).

It's surprisingly quiet - way less noisy than a conventional vacuum. In fact, when scheduled to clean during the night, RoboVac vacuumed the whole downstairs, including the downstairs loo without waking anybody up.

The RoboVac app allows you to schedule your RoboVac 30C's cleaning times
The RoboVac app allows you to schedule your RoboVac 30C's cleaning times

It's small, but quite powerful. Dust and debris is collected and compacted into a tray which can be accessed and cleared very easily via a blue button on the front of RoboVac.

So, in summary, it works very well indeed!

Any clever features?

Yes - quite a few clever surprises! If the RoboVac 30C gets into trouble (for instance if it eats one of Daddy's socks), the vacuum will switch off and send a handy notification to its owner's phone.

The suction power adapts to the type of floor it's cleaning - for instance the suction reduces on the hard kitchen floor. Also its wheels are large enough to allow RoboVac to mount our fluffy thick-pile rug in the living room. Magnetic strips (provided with the RoboVac) can be used to prevent access to unwanted areas.

RoboVac's replaceable parts (brushes and roller) are easy to click on and off.

Value for money?

Currently the RoboVac 30C is £189.99 when discount code EUFYUK30C is used at the checkout on the Eufy website. Is this good value for money? Yes, we'd say so when compared with other handheld vacuums and considering all the extra useful features. It's also worth mentioning a pack of replaceable parts from the RoboVac is £18.99, including new brushes and three new filters.

Daddy & Dad Tech Score

Our first five out of five! RoboVac 30C is quiet, effective and clever. We're very impressed.


Disclaimer time! Here at the Daddy & Dad blog, we work with our favourite brands and businesses to supplement our everyday content. This is a #gifted feature, which means Anker Innovations/Eufy supplied us with a sample RoboVac 30C to put to the test in return for our honest review. We'd like to say a big thank you to the lovely PR team at Anker.

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We've got one - a different brand - and it's not only quite noisy, but doesn't cope well with moving between different surfaces (eg. oak floor and rugs) although, despite all that, it still really does a pretty good job. However, it looks like this Eufy is a seriously smart bit of kit, so maybe it's time for us to upgrade!? Thanks for the review.

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