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Tech | Turn&Cook oven from Indesit

Paid partnership with Indesit #DoItTogether

Lyall and Rich are desperate to help out with grown-up jobs around the house. To the extreme, actually. They LOVE a spot of housework, but only when it’s convenient for them, which coincidentally is usually when Daddy’s just finished all the housework and finally sat down with a glass of merlot at 8pm. Helpful and adorably smug as they are, more often than not I’m left to re-do almost every aspect of ‘a job’ immediately afterwards, usually under a stealth-like silence so I don’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

Lyall and Rich love to help out at home

To promote more family time and less time doing jobs, Indesit have invented quite the ingenious set of appliances which take care of some time-consuming tasks, allowing us parents to spend more quality time with our kids (or time doing other fun jobs, as you’ll see below!).

Proud Richard with the new Indesit Aria Turn&Cook oven

We’ve needed a new oven for years – the old one was so old its icons rubbed off from around the dials, meaning it was literally anybody’s guess what temperature or timing we had on it. Honestly it’s a miracle we didn’t end up with frazzled pizza in that old thing.

So, this week we became the proud new owners of a Turn&Cook Oven from Indesit. It’s an absolute beauty – brushed metal and glossy black glass with chunky knobs (oi, naughty) that have a really satisfying click as they turn. It’s wonderful.

It retails for just less than £300 from all the main shops in the local shopping park and, best of all, it has a ‘turn and cook’ function that literally sets the oven up at 180°c for 60 minutes with no timer or messing around needed. This means the kids can pop a pie or casserole in (under supervision, obv – I’m not mad) and feel very helpful, allowing us some extra time together in the garden. It even switches itself off at the end so you don’t have to worry about anything over-cooking. Also, it has a self-cleaning function. I mean. It literally cleans itself.

As mentioned, the Indesit ‘Turn&Cook’ range is available in all the main retailers – the range also includes a very simple dishwasher and washing machine… stay tuned to the Daddy & Dad blog because we might be reviewing those too at some point too.

Pop over to our Instagram channel here to see more from this campaign – it’s great fun.

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It looks really neat - and the finish is like a much more expensive oven. Definitely on my shopping list to check out when we move house!

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