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Welcome aboard our family's blog!

We're Jamie and Tom, better known as Daddy & Dad.


In 2014 we adopted two gorgeous little sibling boys – Lyall is 14 and Richard is a very proud 13 and a half (yes, Rich I remembered the half).

During our adoption assessment we found ourselves recalling to friends and family the latest news about the progression of our adoption. In response I (Daddy) launched the Daddy & Dad blog to provide first-hand up-to-date progress and other stuff for our nearest and dearest.

Like our fellow LGBTQ+ adopters, we found there was a proverbial sink-hole where first-hand information from adopters should have been online and an even bigger absence of queer adoption experiences. With encouraging messages from readers, gradually our little Daddy & Dad blog grew and began to reach a wider audience, collecting a modest herd (for lack of a better word – ideas please!) of loyal readers and social media followers along the way.

So, what’s it all about? Well, I write candidly and honestly about the good, the bad and the ugly experiences that Tom and I as same-sex adoptive parents faced when we adopted the kids. Meanwhile, we don’t shy away from the squabbles, nose bleeds and french-window licking for your entertainment and perusal.

In the adoption section of the Daddy & Dad blog we’ll take you along with us, from the nerve-wracking day that we met the boys for the first time, through finding their primary school up to the present day with all the nitty gritty, germ ridden soft plays (and more recently trampoline centres – hell on earth), weddings and family holidays in between.

On a more serious note, Tom and I also aim to enlighten prospective adopters about the adoption process, in particular the stuff that happens after the kids are placed with their adoptive parents (or ‘move in’ as our boys affectionately call it).


If you have any questions about our experiences or about the adoption process, please do leave a comment or get in touch via Twitter @daddyanddadblog or Instagram @daddyanddad – DMs welcome provided that they’re not rude, naughty!

Oh, a quick tip for new Daddy & Dad cadets… the blog is chronological, so unless you are a Benjamin Button fan we encourage you to start here right down at the bottom and work your way up to the top!

So, without further ado, come and join us on our adoption adventure...


How old are you all?

We are both 42, Lyall's 14 and Rich is 13.

Where are you from?

We live near Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

How old were the boys when you adopted them?

Technically three and four, although they were four and five when they 'moved in' with us.

How long have you been a couple?

We're actually co-parents - we were together for 21 years and we decided to separate last September. We still remain best friends and operate as a very strong team.

What jobs do you do?

I'm (Jamie) a full time content creator, generating video, blog posts and photographs for social media. Tom's recently retired from a job as a director in a big tech firm, and now works as a self-employed business consultant and handyman. The boys do the occasional TV, modelling and influencing job to save money for when they're older.

What are your hobbies?

We love cycling and exploring the local countryside here in Sheffield. We also enjoy theme parks, shopping, gym and festivals. The kids love YouTube and Fortnite.

Do you experience homophobia?

Yes, unfortunately we do. We receive horrible comments, messages and threats on social media every day. That said, we're thick-skinned and we don't allow it to upset us. In the real world, not so much - people generally are very kind and friendly. We do have to be careful where we travel too, though as many classic holiday destinations treat LGBTQ people very badly.

How do you work with brands?

We work with our favourite brands on sponsored Instagram and blog content. It's our family's full time job! To enquire about appearing on Daddy & Dad channels, get in touch with We're self-managed, very well-experienced and PR-friendly! Get in touch today to work with us.

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