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Review | The Head of Steam, Leicester

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Daddy and Dad | The Head of Steam Leicester

If you follow our family Instagram you'll probably already know that Tom and I are enormous fans of two things in particular. Beer, and food. Actually, make that three things - beer gardens, beer and food.

So, naturally we jumped at the opportunity to experience the press launch of a brand new pub in Leicester, to try out its menu and taste its selection of beer and ale (are they the same thing? Answers on a postcard!).

Unfortunately Tom was called away on a business trip to Leeds 😞 so I (Daddy) treated my friend Penny to a well-deserved and rare night out without the kids. Such fun!

The Head of Steam Leicester is a stylish, unpretentious city pub with a lovely street-side terrace on Market Street. Kids and dogs are welcome at The Head of Steam, by the way so I'll be back with Tom and the kids when we're in Leicester again. No Lyall, we're not getting a dog before you ask!

Their selection of beers is extensive. For our first round, I tried a two thirds sized Lagunitas IPA and Penny went straight in with a whole pint of Scorcher. Delicious - mine was light and fruity while Penny's was dark and hoppy.

While we waited for our food (without realising quite how much food we'd ordered) we returned to the bar for round two - with the advice of the accomplished bar tender we selected Scorcher IPA. Again, tasty, cold and fruity. Lovely.

From the menu we each chose 'The Besler' - three tapas-style small dishes with accompanying little beers to complement their flavours. As you can probably see from the pic below, the food was faultless but big (which is why we should probably have skipped round two beers).

As promised the paired beers with each dish were perfect; the waiter explained where the beers were brewed and why their flavours complemented one another.

Every dish was delicious, but the honey glazed chorizo chipolatas were insanely tasty. I'd almost go as far as to say that they were the best sausages we'd ever tried. To balance the spice they were paired with another light, fruity beer brewed in Northampton.

The whole experience, with the tasty food, fruity beers and expert bar tenders was excellent and Penny and I can't wait to return with our families for more!


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