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Five last-minute gift ideas for kids

Before we start, we need to let you know this blog post contains #gifted items. However, we don't earn from the links in this blog post, they're included just to be helpful so feel free to click away to your heart's content! Links will open a new tab or window, by the way.

Lyall and Richard from Daddy & Dad with their Hatching Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon
Hatching Toothless is our top pick of this year's Christmas prezzy ideas

1. Hatching Toothless

Who doesn't love How To Train Your Dragon? I mean, we've enjoyed the movies and the TV series countless times. There's something familiar and endearing about the dragons, isn't there? It's like they encompass everything we love about our relationships with cats, dogs and horses and a little more.

Toothless is the dragon we first fell in love with, which is why we absolutely adore this year's must-have electronic toy, the Hatching Toothless. Starting as a big egg, his new owner gently taps, shakes and talks to him until he slowly hatches out. Once arrived, baby toothless has adorable twitching ears, light-up eyes and twelve different interactive modes.

Current best price: £39.99

Buy here: The Entertainer

2. LEGO PS4 games

We struggle to find exciting computer games that are suitable for kids - the PS4 market seems to be flooded with really expensive 16 and 18 titles and only a handful of games for under 12s.

But, LEGO PS4 games are affordable, really engaging and some even include a co-op two-player mode which is excellent for keeping two squabbly brothers quiet for a couple of hours at a time.

The LEGO Marvel titles are particularly popular with Lyall and Rich - this year they'll be treated to LEGO DC Supervillains and Marvel Super Heroes in their stockings (don't worry, they won't read this!).

Prices from: £12.95

Buy here:

3. Marvel Studios box set DVDs

Each of these Marvel Studios 'Cinematic Universe' box sets includes no less than six best selling Marvel Universe titles. There are four phases to collect, plenty of action to keep the kids busy for hours and hours (and perfect for keeping Lyall and Rich out of mischief during the Christmas school hols).

Price from: £23.98

Buy here:

4. Personalised books from Watadventure

Did I mention Lyall and Rich like to have a good ol' brotherly squabble every-so-often (all the time?). Of course I have! Well, anything personlised with the boys' names offers a welcome break from "That's mine!" based arguments.

These personalised books from Watadventure are customised to include your children's names and cute little personalised cartoon characters.

The books are hardwearing, well written and beautifully illustrated to feature your child's character and their animal friends. Best of all, the names on the front completely eradicate any snatching. A highly recommended squabble-killer!

Price: £19.99

5. The Bolds by Julian Clary

What can we say about The Bolds? Well, for starters they're written by the hilariously astute Julian Clary and his humour reigns supreme in The Bolds books. By the way, Julian is Daddy's absolute favourite ever comedian and a big inspiration behind the writing here on the Daddy & Dad blog.

Anyway, each book follows The Bolds family on their adventures to rescue their animal friends, including an aging hyena and a lovely fox couple, among others.

The Bolds' Christmas Cracker is the latest book in the series, filled with puzzles, riddles and jokes - it's great fun. The books are available individually but we'd recommend the box set (it's better value if you intend to binge them all, like we have!).

Price: from £4.45

Buy here:


Disclaimer time! As mentioned, this blog post includes gifted items and items that were included as part of paid Instagram collaborations (The Bolds and Hatching Toothless). Here at Daddy & Dad, we work with our favourite brands and business to support Daddy's income and to supplement our core blog content. Don't worry, whether gifted, paid or not, all our opinions are honest and impartial (basically if we weren't impressed with something we would tell you).


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