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The Kid Who Would Be King – Lyall and Rich meet the stars!

In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Every-so-often, the Daddy & Dad blog provides our family with an opportunity so fantastic we couldn’t have dreamt it up. Here’s another fine example!

To celebrate the launch of family movie of the year The Kid Who Would Be King, Twentieth Century Fox invited us to an exclusive event at the Tower of London. The special day (our family now call ‘King Day’) would include a preview of the film, a private event at the Tower of London and the chance to chat to the stars! I know – we couldn’t believe it ourselves!

We’ve been desperate to tell you all about our King Day with the cast and production team behind the movie and we’ve managed to keep this under wraps for almost two weeks…

Here’s how we got on!

The movie

We started off at Twentieth Century Fox HQ in Central London for a private screening of the movie.

The Kid Who Would Be King is a medieval adventure in modern-day UK. Without giving too much away, because we don’t want to spoil the film’s surprises for you, teenager Alex (Lewis Ashbourne Serkis) discovers the sword ‘Excalibur’ in a building site. Along with his band of friends (and foes) and with the help of sorcerer Merlin, Alex sets off to save the world.

Expect action right from the start; flaming dead knights on horses, a hideous dragon witch, time travel, sword fights (naturally) and plenty of mild scares! In Lyall’s very own words, it was ‘epic’. Here’s the trailer:

After the movie, we were taken to The Tower of London for a series of activities involving the cast and production team from The Kid Who Would Be King.

A magic lesson from Merlin

After a tour of the Crown Jewels (amazing in itself) Lyall and Rich met Angus Imrie who plays young Merlin in the movie for a lesson in duplication magic.

With a little movie trickery with the help of the film’s producer and camera crew, Lyall and Richard managed to cast a spell on a 50p with surprising results, as you’ll see here…

Tree fighting with Tom Taylor and Dean Chaumoo

Next up we had a go at ‘tree fighting’ with actors Tom and Dean, who play Lance and Bedders in The Kid Who Would Be King. In the movie, the band of young knights train for sword fighting against enchanted trees (surprisingly realistic and menacing) and this activity tested our reflexes against our own enchanted tree.

After our tree fight we chatted to Tom and Dean about the making of the movie; horse riding and sword fighting with heavy swords…

Lyall and Richard become knights

Following our tree fighting training, Lyall and Rich were kitted out in the actual armour from the movie.

To show off their new sword fighting skills Lyall and Richard filmed a slow-mo sword fight scene in a studio with a professional film crew (don’t worry, the swords were props)…

Pancake making with Dancakes

To catch our breath after sword fighting, we were wowed by pancakes from social media sensation Dancakes - pancakes that actually look like characters from the film. Lyall chose the Wicked Witch Morgana and Richard chose his favourite character Lance.

Check them out! #AMAZING

The Grand Banquet

To conclude our magical day at The Tower of London, we were treated to dinner in The Armoury – an enormous historic space within the White Tower – the oldest part of The Tower of London.

True to the movie (it’ll make complete sense once you’ve seen it yourselves) there was a fried chicken take-away, complete with DJ and full waiter service fast-food dinner, in the company of all our new influencer friends from the day.



The Kid Who Would Be King is released in the UK this Friday 15th February – go and see the movie… it’s excellent! Let us know what your favourite parts are in the comments below.


Disclaimer time! We like to be completely transparent with our readers. This post is sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and their PR partners. We participated in The Kid Who Would Be King activity day including entry to The Tower of London and accommodation in return for our blog and social media features. For questions about the film, the event we talked about above or for media/press enquiries about the film, please get in touch directly with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


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