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The day I met my family, by Richard, age 7

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Daddy and Dad website, our youngest son Richard (age 7½) has written a beautiful abridged account of our family's introductions and produced a fantastic illustration. Please leave lovely comments of encouragement - We'll share your comments with him!

Enjoy x

The day I met my family

Once upon a time me and my brother were waiting with our foster parents then one glorious day I was sitting in the toy room playing with my toys and then suddenly the door bell rang and I came rushing to the front door and I opened it and at the door was Daddy and Dad and we let them in and showed them all of our toys.

After we showed them our toys they took me and my brother to the park and I had a go on the zip wire and when I got to the end I let go and fell off head first and bumped my leg and we went home and said good bye.

And every day for two weeks Daddy and Dad visited us and took us to parks and to the chocolate factory and stuff like that until eventually we packed all of our stuff and moved in with them.

The end


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