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Our holiday to Tenerife

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In partnership with easyJet holidays #ad

We booked our holiday to the Bahia Principe with easyJet holidays
We booked our holiday to the Bahia Principe Tenerife with easyJet holidays

As I lie here on my sun lounger (Daddy speaking), sipping a cold beer from a little paper cup, Adele's new single quietly swooning through my headphones, I can't help feeling as though this holiday has been long overdue.

We booked our holiday to Tenerife a year ago on the easyJet holidays website - you might remember seeing a pic of our booking experience around this time last year on Instagram (pictured below). The pandemic got in the way but easyJet holidays' Protection Promise allowed us to defer our trip until it was safe, which worked out well as it's the kids' half term this week and we're SO ready for a week away.

Our hotel is beautiful. It's the luxurious Bahia Principe on the south coast of Tenerife, about 20 minutes drive from Playa De Las Americas. I'll tell you more about the hotel and everything in a few minutes.

Bahia Principe hotel in Tenerife
Image: easyJet holidays website

Anyway – back to my sun lounger. This moment is totally relaxing and my brain's almost completely free of clutter. And then I feel a tap on the top of my head. Well, I say tap, it's more of a wet slap, really.

Rolling my eyes, I sit up and remove my headphones. There's no sign of Tom or the kids - they must be in the pool or joining in with the darts or aqua aerobics. Instead, I seem to have aquired a little boy, maybe two or three years old, wearing nothing but bright yellow armbands and a Sponge Bob cap. I look around for his parents but I seem to be the only person within a six or seven sunbed cluster. He's babbling something to me in a kind of German or Dutch hybrid I can't understand. What do I do with this? Why can't I just lie back and listen to Adele like everybody else?!

Rather than allow him to dash off and get completely lost, I keep him occupied with Lyall's bouncy ball and attempt to ask his name which turns out to be completely futile. He's just given me his armbands and hat - a little like a tribal peace-offering. Oh good, I think - just as this couldn't get more awkward he's now completely nude.

About five, long minutes later, a very embarrassed, apologetic Dutch mum just came over to collect him. She's now sat on the sunbed next to mine, telling me all about how Bruno (excellent name) had dashed off mid-wee from the loos chasing a cat and eventually ended up with me while she frantically searched behind sunbeds and cactuses. We cheers our little paper cups, say goodbye and they've retreated to their sunbeds, which turn out to be about three meters from ours, just opposite. I smile, roll my eyes, pop Adele back in and lie back again.

The hotel

Back to our trip report! We're staying at the Bahia Principe Sunlight which is part of a hotel resort with two large, village-style hotels, about five or six swimming pools, a gym, spa and several restaurants and bars. Guests can use the facilities at both hotels and it's all inclusive so (with just a few exceptions) everything's included - drinks, food and on-site activities.

We opted for adjoining junior-suites which were spacious and quiet with good climate control. Joined together by a door, we enjoyed moderate privacy from the boys but were able to keep an eye on them.

The bathrooms are also large, well maintained and feature a bath with jets - anybody that knows me will know what a bath-fan I am... this was amazing. Each room had a super-king-sized bed, a sitting area and a balcony with a wonderful view over the sea to neighbouring island La Gomera.

The food and drinks

Our preconception about an all-inclusive resort was the restaurants could be quite chaotic and busy, but this wasn't the case at all. All meals had to be booked either at reception or via the hotel's app which meant restaurants were organised and guests well-spaced apart.

Each hotel has a large buffet restaurant exclusively for its own guests, and there are also five 'a la carte' restaurants which can be booked three times during a week's stay. The main buffet restaurant at the Bahia Sunlight is very pretty, with a sun terrace and tables all laid out with wine glasses and fabric serviettes. The terrace has a continental feel, a little like a street-side Spanish restaurant. Drinks at the restaurant are served by waiters, while food is accessed via a large buffet with salads, meat and veggie courses and some very pretty desserts. There's fresh fruit, cheese and vegetables with every meal. We ate fresh, healthy food every day.

The snack bars by the pool are self-service (as in you help yourself to beer/soft drinks) and snacks become available at different times of day. There's ice cream, salad, chips and bbq style things like burgers and chicken at lunch time.

During our stay we also tried the steakhouse, Italian bistro and a Mexican restaurant. The steakhouse and Italian seemed to be an attended version of the buffet however the Mexican restaurant was delicious, with authentic Mexican staff, music and cocktails - great fun.

The Mexican restaurant at Bahia Principe is great fun and delicious
The Mexican restaurant at Bahia Principe is great fun and delicious

I know what you're all dying to ask... what was the wine like? Well - I guess in a word, tasty! Yes, red wine in Spain is served chilled and white wine generally at room temperature which takes a little getting used to, however it is fruity and refreshing, and completely included in the price of the holiday. Santé!

easyJet holidays Protection Promise

With unpredictable travel restrictions and all sorts going on in the news, buying a family holiday can present a bit of a worry - we completely get that. Our holiday with easyJet holidays was delayed by the 'rona but their Protection Promise allowed us complete peace-of-mind. It's virtually unrivalled in the industry and offers a package of reassuring options should your holiday be affected or if you change your mind up to 28 days before you travel.


Very cool place to stay, nice to follow your adventures and read your articles, they are filled with so much positivity and energy. My wife and I visited tenerife with our children, we had a very cool holiday, but I still remember our last holiday, the gatlinburg tennessee images are still in my head, you have to visit it, it's something incredible, the scenery, nature, and the clean air, I can't put into words all the emotions I felt during that holiday. So I recommend you to visit this place next time, you will not regret it.


It sounds so idyllic and far from what we've got used to over the last two summers that I can't wait to check out easyJet holidays! Thanks for a great review!

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