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Move over, Download… here’s our home festival guide!

In partnership with eBay UK

Tom and I chuckled at the coverage of our local music festival, Download, from our warm, dry living room. Download was wet. And full of millions of wet people. Honestly, the people there collectively looked like Stig of the Dump – all of them. Can you imagine the state of the tents? And the loos??

We’re not entirely adverse to the concept of taking the boys to a big festival but we just can’t get over the enormous, jam-packed crowds and the toilets - they fill us with actual dread 😱

Also, before I forget – I (Daddy speaking) had a quick google and found the average cost of a British festival is £467.75 per person and that’s based on somebody who buys one beer a day. ONE BEER? I know you’re all thinking the same thing as me. Anyway, that puts festivals way out of our league.

Or does it..?

This week eBay challenged us to put on a festival in our own garden, with a fraction of the budget of a proper festival. We were tasked to find outdoor supplies and festival fashion items from a mixture of eBay’s official brand outlets and their independent online sellers.

This, for me is a dream come true… I LOVE online shopping and I have a big soft spot for eBay (I know several of our readers, friends and Grandpa Mark also love a good ol’ browse of eBay too).

So without delay I got to work!

I started with a tent, sleeping bags and inflatable beds from Millets and Blacks official eBay stores. Then, I came across an ingenious pop-up double camp-chair (perfect for watching Lyall at football, that one) and a cute mini-BBQ.

Using a mixture of high street fashion eBay outlets and independent sellers I selected some excellent festival outfits and new wellies. I put Tom and Rich in charge of tech – I was thinking perhaps a Bluetooth speaker or maybe a fancy torch but Tom outdid himself, sourcing a pocket-sized projector so we could all watch a Disney classic in the evening. He also found some beautiful, waterproof party lights which reach the whole circumference of the garden.

Everything’s brand new and genuine and the whole lot cost way less than four festival tickets, let alone all the extra spends you’d need at a festival. And best of all? The loos are posh at home and there are no noisy crowds!

In the pictures below I’ve highlighted all the online eBay stores and outlets we used to put together our festival styles – please do get in touch if you’d like more info about any of the items in the pics and I’ll point you in the right direction!

But first, a quick warning. A couple of the pictures below feature a BBQ – despite appearances, the BBQ wasn’t alight during the duration of our festival; any suggestion that the BBQ is in use is purely down to the boys’ excellent acting! (As if we’d trust Lyall and Rich anywhere near a naked flame). Seriously though, we don’t recommend using a BBQ anywhere near a tent or flammable clothes.

Without further ado – the pictures!

More pics and clips from our festival over at


Disclaimer time! Our family work with our favourite brands to supplement our core content. This is a paid collaboration with eBay UK. We’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely people at eBay who made this possible for our family ♡


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john adams
john adams
Jul 18, 2019

I want the pocket projector and the screen! And frankly, if you have children, I wouldn't go to a large festival. Went to a tiny one last weekend but didn't camp. That was fun, but otherwise, back garden is the way to go.

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