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Daddy - the Serial Podcast Guest!

Did you know, in addition to our blog and social media channels, I (Daddy speaking) also love to appear on podcasts? It's become my fave hobby - providing advice and talking about my experiences as an adoptive dad for podcast listeners.

Here's a handy list of my podcast appearances so you can have a listen! They're all available on the main podcast channels including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Dadvengers Podcast

Hosted by CBeebies' Nigel Clark

Click here to listen now


You Can Adopt Podcast

Hosted by The Only Way Is Essex' Debbie Bright

Click here to listen now


The School For Father's Podcast

Hosted by author and mum of ten Danusia Malina-Derben

Click here to listen now


Lockdown Dads

Hosted by James Millar and Ian Dinwiddy

Click here to listen now


Thriving Adoptees Podcast

Hosted by Simon Benn

Click here to listen now


BBC Dads Aloud

Hosted by BBC Wiltshire's Nick and Dan

Click here to listen now


Enjoy! Jamie x

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