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Daddy & Dad crowned the BritMums Lifestyle Blog of the Year!

Something amazing happened... we won a national award! Last week Tom, Lyall, Rich and I were crowned the Lifestyle Blog of the Year at the BritMums Awards 2019!

Daddy & Dad - BritMums Lifestyle Blog of the Year
Daddy & Dad - BritMums Lifestyle Blog of the Year

This award is especially important for us because it suggests we've been elevated into the mainstream, beating off (oi, naughty) thousands of non-LGBT mummy and daddy bloggers to scoop the big prize.

This is a notable achievement because LGBT bloggers are often pigeon-holed in our own little niche. I'm sure our excellent LGBT blogger friends Kate, Tom, Mush & Bean, Wes and Michael, Lew and Rich, Justin et al. would agree that being LGBT has very little impact on parenting. Whether you're straight, gay, trans, single, or whatever, children will still have issues, will still need routine, will still muck about, will still need your help with impossible homework, will still insist you watch inane YouTube videos with them, they will still love you, just the same.

We hope this achievement paves the way for our talented LGBT blogging peers to be seen as mainstream blogs, too.

We'd like to say an enormous THANK YOU to BritMums and to all our lovely readers and social media friends who voted for us. We are DELIGHTED!

Jamie, Tom and the boys x

Official press release here - Daddy & Dad win national blogging award

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