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Daddy & Dad are nominated for a Blogosphere Magazine award

(Daddy speaking) I can't quite believe this headline myself... last weekend I was lucky enough to represent Daddy & Dad at the 2018 Blogosphere Magazine awards in London's Shoreditch.

The whole evening was magical. Plus I became probably the first ever nominee for a national award who didn't realise they were nominated until literally the five nominees were read out! Doh! Quite a shock/surprise - I'm not the best public speaker (last time I won an award I was probably the most nervous I'd ever been) so naturally my heart rate tripled at the prospect of having to make an impromptu speech in front of 200 esteemed celebrity influencers, but I felt very proud of myself and completely bewildered!

Unfortunately I didn't actually win the award which recognised the best Blogosphere Networker, however it's incredible to have been considered out of 10,000 shortlisted bloggers. I was secretly quite relieved at being able to clap along without making a public nuisance of myself on the stage!

My outfit

As a stay-at-home dad and a casual freelance writer, I don't often get an opportunity to dress up. Last time I attended an awards ceremony I didn't dress appropriately and then went on to win! So naturally I panicked a little when I was invited by the Editor of Blogosphere Magazine to attend the formal event.

Sifting through my wardrobe, my options were limited to shorts and a tshirt or a full-on wedding suit which I wore three years ago when I was three stone heavier.

Luckily, my favourite men's fashion retailer Standout came to the rescue like a proverbial knight on a horse with an amazing outfit, including a pink Farah Vintage shirt, black super-skinny Levis jeans, an awesome Schott NYC jacket and a beautiful pair of Jeffery West shoes. I treated myself to a straw hat from M&S to compliment the outfit.

The red carpet

When I arrived at the exclusive Tab Venue (having walked around the block a couple of times thanks to Google Maps sending me in circles around the building) my first job was to walk along the red carpet, stopping for photos along the way. This was my first ever red carpet experience, nay the first time I've ever seen a red carpet in real life! Here's the resulting pic. I think I did Daddy & Dad proud.

My red carpet buddies were these three lovely London bloggers! We chatted throughout the evening about parenting, PR work and blogging. Marvellous ladies.

The awards and meal

The styling of the awards venue and in particular the setting of the dining tables was beautiful. Upturned flower pots topped with a wooden shelf (totally inspired) made a very useful centrepiece, providing ample space for a plant and room for the green veg and potatoes during the meal.

I joined a table with a really cool couple, Siobhan and James from a stylish fashion blog called Just A Uniform and a marvellous group of ladies, one of whom was also up for the same award as me (not realising I was nominated too I was clapping along for her!).

The meal was a chicken pie with tasty vegetables and then fondants for dessert. Delicious. Cold white wine and enormous gin and tonics were also served - obviously I took full advantage of the gin bar!

It was a very special evening that I'll remember for ever.

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