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Welcome to Daddy & Dad

We're Jamie and Tom, British gay dads via adoption to two handsome little boys, Lyall and Richard.

Here on the Daddy & Dad blog we share all the highs and lows of adoptive parenting, collaborate with global family brands and respond to the latest LGBT news and current affairs. Lyall and Rich had a rough start to their little lives so our mission is to provide our lads with extraordinary experiences and memories.


We'll introduce you to other LGBTQ parents who share their inspirational stories and we'll feature exclusive content from the UK's top LGBTQ bloggers and influencers.

So, without further ado, come along with us, from the nerve-wracking day we met Lyall and Richard for the first time, through finding their primary school up to the present day with all the nitty gritty, germ ridden soft plays (and more recently trampoline centres – hell on earth), weddings and family holidays in between.

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I put out my hand to shake Lyall’s and introduce myself, in possibly the most surreal moment of my life, “It’s great to meet you Lyall, I’m Daddy!

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