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Our press pack

We’re Jamie and Tom, dads via adoption to Lyall and Richard. We became a family ten years ago. The award-winning Daddy & Dad blog has been gathering a loyal troupe of followers since its launch in 2014.


We’re a proud family of boys, which means we LOVE hobbies, the outdoors, skyscrapers, rollercoasters, mud, waterparks, sports, pop music, scary movies, pizza, BMXs, trendy clothes and sporty cars (I thought I’d leave that there, just in case you’d like us to try out a Tesla!)

Meet Lyall & Richard

Meet Lyall and Richard; the indisputable stars of The Daddy & Dad blog. Lyall’s fourteen and Rich’s an extremely proud thirteen and three quarters (yes Richard I’ll make sure I’ll put the three quarters in, babe). Every bit as cheeky and loveable as they look, the boys are budding TV presenters, keen footballers and Instagram fashion models. They will happily share their (very candid) opinion about everything; perfect for adding perspective to reviews.

Now they're giant teenagers, Lyall and Rich love to work with street-wear and tech brands.


Our mission

Adopting Lyall and Richard is the best thing we’ve ever done. There are over 2000 children in foster care in the UK who are waiting for their forever family - many of them are hard-to-place sibling groups.


Through partnerships with global brands, we aim to raise awareness of life as an everyday co-parenting family with adopted children. We’re looking for relevant, exciting brands to collaborate with. We host reviews, travel features and social media collaborations. We also appear on TV, radio, podcast and press campaigns.

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Our PR campaigns

Over the last six years, we've worked on over 250 social media and TV campaigns with some of the world's biggest family-friendly brands. Our faves from 2023 include...

New York Bakery Co - Click here

Our long-term partnership with NYBC involves taste-challenges and competitions.

Life 360 - Click here

Life 360 is the world's leading family app! We were challenged to track the kids' bus journey to school using the app.

LEGO - Click here

We've worked with LEGO for several years. Our latest campaign challenged Daddy and Lyall to recreate Dad's fave tools.


Coca Cola - Click here

We partnered with Cola Cola to raise awareness of their fully-recyclable packaging.

Unilever - Click here

Unilever's cleaning hacks page The Clean Edit work with us regularly to show off their limited-edition product ranges.

Pioneer DJ - Click here

We worked with Pioneer DJ on a three-part campaign to show off their latest DJ tech.

SC Johnson - Click here

SC Johnson challenged our family to recycle our used plastic to make planters for our garden and windowsills.

Merlin Annual Pass - Click here

As Merlin Annual Pass ambassadors, we visit all the UK's biggest attractions and days out, reporting on our blog and Instagram.

How we work with brands

We love working with family-friendly brands. We get the whole family involved - Dad (Tom) is the business-end and Daddy (Jamie) is the creative one, doing all the editing and managing our channels behind the scenes.

We're able to jump on to campaigns right at the last-minute, we can travel and we're well experienced. We also work on TV, radio and voice-over assignments.

We work with brands on a fixed-fee arrangement, with various packages and discounts available for campaigns with several bursts of content. Get in touch to find out more!

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