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Bad Daddy *smacks wrist*

It’s nice and bright this morning, so the boys have been delivered to school in their vibrant bright red polo shirts, no need for sweatshirts or coats, thank you very much. Realised half-way across the park between the library car park and school that Lyall’s trousers were on backwards. Absolutely no embarrassment or shame what-so-ever from Lyall, who proudly swaggered along with his hands awkwardly in his back-to-front pockets. To make it even more obvious, he stuffed his back pockets (around the front where his zip should be) with grubby conkers that he picked up from the path.

Conker collecting itself is getting close to the No list, triggered by an incident last night which concluded in a very sorry looking Richard apologising to an elderly man who’d been the unlucky recipient of a huge stick flying towards him, just missing his head by a couple of inches.

“I’m weally sorry” said Richard

“I was just twying to get them conkernuts down off that twee”

“THOSE” I shouted, “FROM THAT TREE”, somewhat spoiling the heartfelt apology.

Must sort out this ‘them’ habit; it makes Richard sound like Oliver Twist. Elderly man isn’t pressing charges.

Only five minutes until bell-time so decided to persevere with the backwards trouser conker collecting walk to school rather than risk adding being late to the stress.

If you’re late, the Caretaker locks the gates, so disgraced parents are forced to take their children through the school’s main entrance, with a walk of shame right through the middle of the school to the reception block at the far end. It’s shameful.

Just arrived home to the news that the Met Office has just issued a severe weather warning for heavy rain and hail. I can therefore expect a drenched, freezing Lyall with backwards trousers on after school.



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